Chris Siebenmann

Chris Siebenmann is a Unix herder in the Unix systems group here at the University of Toronto along with people such as Paul Kern. Perhaps you can catch a glimpse of him in his native habitat. Alternately you may be looking for his Linux geegaws, including rpmtools, or for his general program bits.

In addition to looking after CQUEST, Chris is also the postmaster (including caretaking two BITNET gateways), works on nameserver maintenance, helps to look after Usenet news on several machine, and generally dabbles all over. His current major preoccupation is helping plan a major equipment upgrade for CQUEST, scheduled to take place over the summer of 1996 (if you are reading this after this date, Chris has been too busy to update the information, a fate which befalls a lot of the information on the web). Chris was once part of the central email system at the University of Toronto (the system that handles mail to, but is not any more.

His interests include software that makes graphical workstations more than a collection of VT100 windows, automating system administration tasks, worrying about computer security, Plan 9 from Bell Labs, and keeping track of Usenet and electronic mail spam (please do not send him unsolicited mail touting your good deals or your good cause; he will just become irate). This is by no means a complete list, but time and space do not permit further enumeration; let him just say that he is interested in many aspects of computers and life.

In his spare time, he reads (including Usenet), fools around on the Internet, recieves a lot of electronic mail, and listens to a wide assortment of music; out of respect for people in nearby cubicles he uses headphones. His current amusement is to have as many home pages around the University of Toronto as possible; he will let finding them be your amusement.

Chris does not always write about himself in the third person. He thought it would be an interesting change for this home page.

Chris Siebenmann
Unix Systems Administrator
Computing and Communications/
Technology Support

255 Huron Street, Room 350
Toronto Ontario
Canada M5S 1A1

Telephone 416/ 978 1255
FAX 416/ 971 2085

Chris Siebenmann, last updated early on May 17th, 2001, and before that January 25th, 1999